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Arlington Small Engine collects various data from visitors on their website. Look below to see the types of data we collect, and how we plan to use it. 

Data Types

This is where we discuss the type of data we collect and how we plan to use it. Arlington Small Engine reserves the right to store and collect your data to use it in ways to help grow its business. When submitting a form on, you "the customer" agree & allow us to collect the data types listed below: 

Personal Identifiable Information 

We collect data such as your name, address, email, phone number, etc. We use this data to verify and confirm we are servicing the correct customers. 


We give customers the option to upload picture(s) of their equipment to our website to make repairs more efficient for our technicians. This data is archived on customer records, and could be used to refer back to in future repairs. 

IP Address 

We collect the IP Addresses of visitors to our website. This data allows use to see the geography of our customers, but also allows Arlington Small Engine to do: promotional offers, discounts, and other marketing methods. 


We use Forms & Surveys on our website that collect data from our customers that will be used to help schedule appointments with our technician. 

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